i-GEN focus on researchers and experts from different disciplines and countries working on genome editing. Our scope is intentionally broad. Our members include people working on legal, economic, regulatory, cultural, ethical, and political aspects of genome editing technologies.

The main interest of the network lies on bringing together researchers and experts working in the field as well support the dialogue with other stakeholders in society. In doing so we intend to help promote inclusive and democratic debate around the issues associated with the new genome editing technologies and, among other things, support the formulation of well-informed policies and regulations.

The network is intended to help share ideas, resources and information about developments and practices in different countries and fields, make connections and initiate discussions and conversations that can provide a foundation for future work.

In support of these goals, i-GEN is developing a database of members, as a publicly available resource. Our intention is that the database will help governments, civil servants, researchers, NGOs, policy-makers, journalists, media and interested private citizens to find academic experts in a particular location (e.g. Portugal, or Singapore), with interests in a particular area of application of genome editing (e.g. medical uses or plant breeding) or working in a particular disciplinary background (e.g. law or science communication) and to engage them in activities of interest.

If you would like to be part of the i-GEN please contact us at msalmeida@fc.ul.pt or michael.morrison@law.ox.ac.uk